5 ways to wear a white shirt

What is the ‘classic white shirt’ to you? We recently did a poll on social and the garment came out as the classic piece we can all rely on in our wardrobes. It got us thinking, we should give you guys a bit of an insight into how I would wear our classic Long Sleeve White Shirt, and then in turn we thought why not show how I would wear each piece from our slow fashion collection across several outfit assembles? 

Today we begin with our White Cotton Shirt. A garment designed with length in the back to offer multiple ways to tuck this style in, with a texture offering a dense cotton twill, producing a crisp finish without too much sheerness, and small minimal details to exhibit the detailed tailoring to each piece.

Outfit 1

Layers meet casual

Mixing denim with white shirts has to be one of our favourite fall backs for the weekend, and adding a fitted vest feature to demonstrate the layer potential alongside the tuck-ability of our shirt finishes it off.

Outfit 2 

Shorts and sandals 

Faced with the warm weather, it is a shame when the white shirt is associated with formal wear in cooler seasons, so demonstrating how not only is the cotton fabric breathable (more so than the synthetic t-shirts on the high street), we styled our shirt with a basic pair of shorts and sandals to offer a minimal capsule twist for summer.


Outfit 3

Classic cigarette pants and flats 

I often pair loose fit with slim fit when it comes to top and bottom, so a slim line pair of black ankle grazers would be a great complement to the free flow of our shirt reflecting the gentlewoman vibe perfectly.


Outfit 4 

Knits and boots for the weekend

We had to bring in our grey jumper to illustrate the softness and lightweight essence of this piece that adds an extra layer. Bearing the signature fluted sleeves of our shirt with the longline length peeping out creates a casual finish.


Outfit 5

Let’s layer with a jumpsuit

There is so much layering potential to a jumpsuit that often goes unrecognised. Adding our shirt beneath perfectly combines the pieces to offer another simple and effective outfit suited to any season.

Stay tuned for more outfit assembles across our six other pieces from our collection to show how easily we can introduce minimalism into our wardrobes and truly test the durability and functionality of each piece while we discover what each style offers us. 

If you’re interested in further outfit ideas from our capsule collection in the meantime, check out our article on how many outfits we can create from seven pieces and also 5 ways to wear capri pants.