5 ways to wear capri pants

Did you know the story behind chinos? According to Wikipedia, Chinos were originally developed as durable clothing for the military back in the 1800s, the twill fabric was made in China and seen as simple, durable and comfortable and it soon became a standard wardrobe piece during the latter half of the century. The name came from the Spanish description pantalones chinos (Chinese pants), which became shortened to simply "chinos" in English.

We love to keep the historic inspiration behind each piece alive, to maintain the purpose of garments and to bring the functionality forwards to modern times. Our ankle grazing chinos are the perfect example – durable, functional and flattering. So let’s see how many ways I can wear our trousers to suit me and my lifestyle (a mother of a toddler in her mid 30s running a small independent ethical business).

Outfit 1 

With your everyday t-shirt

Being an everyday piece, I had to style it with the one wardrobe necessity we all own…a white tee. And as a slim flattering fit with stretch, I love tucking in at the waist and adding a pair of trainers to bring about that casual chic essence.

Outfit 2 

Smarten with pumps

With the little likelihood of a train commute happening anytime soon, the essence of smart assembles have gone out the window, but there is always that Zoom chat I like to be suited for to get in the right mindset. So why not smarten up on both top and bottom but with comfort for that next call?

Outfit 3 

Breathable for summer 

I’m not sure about you but there are those days in warmer weather when I haven’t prepped to bare my legs (fake tan/razor anyone?), yet still wish to wear something breathable and flattering. As a bit of an ankle baring fan, I love pairing our ankle grazing chinos with sandals to flaunt a bit of skin. Add a vest to keep refreshed and to bare a bit more skin, should you dare!


Outfit 4 

Preppy it up with pullover and boots 

Combining a preppy knit with our ankle grazers brings about a clean outfit, the kind you could throw on at the weekend that’s easy yet chic. I tend to mix it up with heels for a feminine twist or flat pumps when time is of the essence.

Outfit 5

Time for layering 

I love the opportunity to achieve a casual variation with our trousers and it wouldn’t be the norm if I didn’t include a layered outfit into the mix. Following the masculine heritage of chinos I like to play upon this and pair with Chelsea boots, adding a slouchy knit adds a mellow touch.  


I love this shape and the many options on how they can be worn. Wearing across knitwear or with a casual t-shirt totally renews the styling of these trousers, so much that they’re perfect to wear with at least three of your weekly outfits.

Check out how curator and stylist Jannine Newman paired our chinos to reflect on their functionality across the seasons.