Eco-friendly tricks for making your clothes last longer

Making carefully considered wardrobe purchases is only half the picture when it comes to sustainable clothing. Caring for what we already own and expanding the lifetime of our garments is something we believe we should all be invested in. Here are some of our great top tips for making your wardrobe last longer:

Replacing buttons

We’ve all got those spare buttons in a drawer somewhere, put away absentmindedly when we take the tags off a new piece of clothing. Can we remember where the specific one is that we need when the time arises? Probably not!

Most timeless classics in our wardrobe are made using simple colours and minimal looks, which helpfully makes replacing lost buttons easy to solve. Visit any craft store or take to eBay to source a similar size, colour and look.

Top tip: place a pin between the button and the garment when sewing it on to prevent the button being stitched too tight.


As soon as you can, place the stain under running water (or dampen with cold water later). Rinse, dry and for more stubborn stains you can either use distilled vinegar or a beaten egg.  Alternatively, follow the same process using a baking soda paste, rubbing it into the stained area and leaving for a few hours.


Try to request the ‘hand laundering’ service when you go to the dry cleaners, as this will help to preserve the natural fabrics which can suffer from repeated exposure to harsh chemical treatments involved in ‘normal’ dry cleaning.


Very often woollen garments can be left to air due to the natural fibres and the loose tension in the yarn. Use a mesh washbag to prevent collision with other garments in the washing machine and use the wool setting. Even better, handwash with cool water.


Wear twice, wash once is our policy and unless you are facing some stubborn stains, adjusting your cycle to a 30 degree wash is just as good as 40, plus helps to save energy. Always try to load the machine full to the brim to lessen the water usage per wash.

We also recommend undoing shirt buttons before washing to lessen the strain on the thread holding the buttons in place.


Soaking whites overnight in a bowl of pre-boiled hot water mixed with lemon juice (from approx. two lemons) will whiten your garments anytime they need brightening up. Leaving to dry in the sun will also help to brighten your whites and acts as a natural sanitiser.


Alongside keeping the temperature in our washes down to 30 degrees and wearing at least twice between washes, keeping your garments inside out lessens loss of fibres when they collide during the wash. Leaving our colours in a bowl of cold water and a quarter cup of salt overnight before washing is also great for lengthening the colour fastness in our garments.

We’d love to hear your tried and tested natural tips for caring for your clothes. Let us know how you keep your wardrobe lasting longer by leaving a comment below.