h.huna and our everyday wear across all seasons

Styled wonderfully by Jannine Newman of Under the Cloth, let's review how three pieces from our collection can be worn across several assembles suited to all seasons.

Our Short Sleeved White Shirt

Worn as a simple layer in Jannine's shots, our crisp cotton Shirt is a perfect wardrobe staple. The loose pleating at the back offers the potential to layer up to truly get the benefit from this timeless piece.

Our Black Capri Pants

Designed to bare the ankles in order to accommodate to everyday wear be it heels, sandals or boots, our Capri trousers have no seasonal relevance offering you the opportunity to style to suit you.

Our Chunky Cardigan

Our Cardigan has been a real hit acting as a coat in the Spring or a cosy layer in the Winter. Designed with a minimal focus, it is the perfect wardrobe staple.

Styled and shot by: Jannine Newman of Under the Cloth

Modelled by: Manon of @manonoliveclaire