How to create a capsule wardrobe from 7 pieces

Seven pieces in this day and age can seem too minimal and restricted for us, after all how do we know what events are upcoming, what the weather will be like and if we just want to have a lazy Sunday in comfy clothes? We hear you and that is why h.huna styles each collection as a collation of wardrobe necessities for everyday giving the option to mix it up with those comfy jeans and ‘that’ little black dress.

But should you choose to have the intent to savour the longevity of each classic h.huna style then carry on reading to see how each garment from our capsule collection can be styled to adapt to various different occasions across approximately 15 assemblances…


Starting quite minimal on the layer front, each of these styles can be worn alone with dress up/down potential – add chunky jewellery or comfy trainers as you wish.

Double it up


However when we throw our Knitwear into the mix alongside our Trouser/Shirt combo’s, a new style is created altogether. Preppy-ness is introduced by wearing one of our Shirts beneath the Dress, revealing snippets of the collar and cuff details.

A third layer

And yes, there is potential to layer it up even more for that added cosy factor when our Chunky Cardigan is combined with the preppy look of the Shirt beneath Dress collation. Check out how influencer Vikki from Style & Minimalism styled our Cardigan to suit her.

Would love to hear your feedback on how you assemble your h.huna styles with your wardrobe favourites either by pinging us a shot by email or tagging us on your latest Instagram post to get in the #hhunawomen mix.

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