How do you discover your style?

We have been through many walks of life in which we look back at photos and cringe at ‘that’ crop top we wore, those shoes (that literally crippled our feet) we coordinated with that weird skirt-over-trouser trend because we saw them in the latest teen magazine and thought we could pull it off no problem, and I am just referring to some of my experiences! But these are one of the many walks of life we go through as we haven’t yet found our own identity, one in which we are comfortable with where we can dress fearlessly in any garment in our wardrobe.

One of Iris Apfel’s classic quotes “…you have to be yourself, be who you are and take time to be open and honest with yourself. If you don't know yourself, you'll never have great style” speaks many meanings.

On too many an occasion, fast fashion houses don’t always make a garment for the person who is buying it. It is more of a focus to produce and get that garment in store/online while the trend is still hot. Being designed around the current colour/print/shape/texture that is ‘hot off the catwalk’ each customer buys on impulse to stay in keeping with high seasons, not her own individual style (see our post on how many ways to wear a wardrobe essential). But when do we get to that stage in which we can comfortably identify to what we know we look good in, pinpoint instantly what we treasure in each garment we buy and actually see ourselves when we look in the mirror?

This can pretty much happen at any point be it once we have started a family (when we don’t have the time to hit the high street to smooch around the stores), saving our pennies when studying, buying a car, getting our first mortgage etc. or a gradual occurrence that happens over time and we only recognise this when complimented on our way of dressing. The main point being, we are actually comfortable with our identity, we like the comments we receive, we feel good with the several individual outfit concoctions we can create with our wardrobe contents and from time to time we may delve outside our style bracket just to ‘mix it up’ a bit but that’s us and our wardrobe’s personality.

Now how about some creativity?  Take a scroll through our collection and let us know your thoughts on which piece speaks to you the most, what would you select to fit in with your preferred style? And be sure to follow us on instagram to post your viewpoints because we need to shout loudly about this. Once we’re confident with ourselves we are proud of our achievements!