How to stay productive in lockdown

Hello you lovely lot!

How are those #stayathome restrictions treating you? Tensions are pretty high at present - uncertainty on what new announcements we are yet to hear, what effect the shut down of retail will have on us as a nation and small businesses, plus how the economy as a whole will survive and overcome this once we start to pick up. The support from other small businesses has been phenomenal, really merging together to encourage each other (check our previous post shot by curator Jannine Newman of Under the Cloth), relating to one another on a more personal front and creating new networks to bounce ideas off one another.

This has actually inspired me to really look at h.huna in a different light,

...connect more of the brand to you wonderful h.huna ladies, unleash more personality and more of our story.

We need positivity right now, so connecting to one another, be it across blog posts (thanks for reading!), social media or just day to day chat (always love a natter so please do by all means email anytime) will really enable us to share this experience as we are all in it together.

So, on a different note to our usual blog post I thought I’d share what we’ve been loving to indulge in and pass the time. Some are light-hearted, some a little more serious and there are some of pure silliness!


Minimalism – OK, so some points of this are a little extreme in reflection of minimalism across all areas in which we live (furnishings included!) but there are some genuinely amazing statistics involved with intriguing comparisons across the ages and how we can introduce these ways into our everyday practise.

The True Cost - stemming from the Rana Plaza catastrophe, this documentary really brought awareness and encouraged focus to build around sustainable and ethical fashion practises. Looking at all fields across production of fast fashion including the after effects to the workers and the environment, this documentary is not the easy viewing Saturday night movie equivalent, this is one you watch and are pulled into with new learnings and viewpoints from each viewing.

The Tiger King - had to add this necessity in! Across these hard times of lockdown this is truly something to take your mind off of the present day. The whole topic of the series being centred around the trend of cat breeding in the US but boy, does it go A LOT deeper. This blows The Crocodile Hunter out of the water and is a real must see for that Netflix binge day.



Wardrobe Crisis – I treat this podcast as my go to vocal encyclopaedia. Clare Press (sustainability editor at Vogue Australia) has some truly interesting people as guests, from Mary Creagh MP discussing her ‘fixing fashion’ report (watch now on our previous blog how sustainable fashion will change in the next 10 years) and how we can review saving landfill, to Stella McCartney’s Sustainability Director Claire Bergkamp describing the depths they go to when sourcing fabrics for their collections.

The Business of Fashion – the discussion with Dana Thomas was the one that really hooked me onto this podcast and her review of ‘fashionopolis’ - how the industry as a whole has a social and environmental impact. Consisting of some amazing discussions across all areas of fashion speaking with well-known designers, nature focussed scientists to journalists on the future of fashion.

She Can She Did – fired up and ready to go. This podcast consists of some really inspiring women from all walks of life on how they started their entrepreneurial journeys, what pushed them to take this step and the honest reality of owning your own business.

Indie Roller – keeping the focus on mini start ups and the creativity behind each brand. This is such a supportive podcast to tune into and have playing in the background. With some really encouraging truths behind each start up, including the ups and downs we have come across, the dedication required in the perseverance of solopreneurs and some of the exciting turning points that encourage us to carry on.



Catching up with some of those books been meaning to read/re-read for such a long time, top of my list:

The Little Book of Hygge – already worn down from quite a few reads and one of the main inspirations behind h.huna, this book gives such good insights into how the Danish maintain their status for being the ‘happiest nation’ in the world. How they treasure the little things within their surroundings and as an effect have the happiest work and leisure lifestyle around.

Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life – another mesmerising mindset quite different to the average European that is stress free, healthy and focussed on joy within life. Accounting for the fact this way of life often involves having more than one job, growing their own produce to name a few, they still continue to have some of the longest living population in the world!

How to break up with fast fashion – written by fashion and lifestyle journalist Lauren Bravo, she has hands-on experience of how fashion has advanced over the years.

How our hunger for fast fashion during those peak sales overtakes us, how our respect for clothing is no more

...and how the fashion industry has changed from four collections a year (in line with seasons) to something more like a weekly basis. 


Fashion revolution week - even though the focus week has passed, you can still check out some of the online classes they exhibited from countries all over the world. Storytelling beyond clothing across upcycling and quilting in India, repair café in Germany and meditative action where we ‘unpick’ our relationship to fashion in Glasgow.

Meditation - Having been an avid believer in the benefits of meditation, from confidence in yourself as a person, anxiety control in stressful situations to exercising parts of the brain primarily used to avoid those ‘rabbit caught in headlights’ moments. I have always tried to dedicate at least 3-4 mornings a week to a quick 10-15 minute meditation to start my day in a steady manner. At times like this, it has increased and the below are my top recommended meditation resources:

Insight Timer – a great free app with a very large variety of all meditation types - be it morning meditations, parenthood focus, anxiety or our own individual time to ourselves. New meditations are listed everyday so a great, easy access starting point to meditation as a whole.

Headspace – this was the app that got me started on the benefits of meditation, following those stressful days when working in fast fashion. Anxiety was a common occurrence but using this app everyday on the commute to work really made a difference to my mindset. They have recently launched a meditation introduction for the uncertainty we are facing right now. 

Ruby Wax, How to be Human – OK, so this isn’t a meditation app but should the whole benefit of meditation from the perspective of a monk and a neurosurgeon interest you, then this bestselling guide is the go-to. It’s truly intriguing how the different parts of the brain functions are purposeful from the caveman times but in this day and age are either used way too much or simply not enough. Great Sunday afternoon read.



I’m not sure about you but cake baking has been very much in the equation. As long as they are easy-cook, cheap and easily accessible ingredients and suitable toddler recipes they’re top of my list! Here are a few recommended cookery resources:

  • Jamie Oliver’s programme has been a hit alongside hashtag #keepcookingcarryon
  • Nadiya Hussein has even shared tips on sustainable cooking and her ‘no flour brownies’ on Instagram stories are mouth watering!
  • Not only has he been a hit on the exercise front with little ones, he also creates some amazing baking recipes - it is of course The Body Coach, aka Joe Wicks

Now is the time to really take the opportunity to engage in what we are passionate about, learn new skills, read into more areas of interest and take some time out from stressing. Let me know how you spend your isolation time as it means the world to me getting to know you guys.

Stay strong, stay safe and we will get through this together