What is sustainable fashion and its seasonless focus?

When we say ‘seasonless’ do you find it easy to define this category? It’s becoming quite a popular word that keeps arising (the spellcheck says it’s wrong but Google says otherwise!)

The online definition states ‘Not restricted to a particular season, but suitable for any’.

So how does this reflect in light of our wardrobes and what h.huna pride ourselves on?

For many years now it has been quite the norm at the beginning of those signs of weather change to schedule our wardrobe clear out. A mission it may be however we often discover one or two pieces we bought with every intention to wear when in reality we can’t remember that one time it was worn. The doubt brims to mind, ‘will I wear this maxi print dress again next year?’ to which we may (or may not) decide to take to the charity shop, sell on eBay or store in the attic only to forget about it until next year, decide to rid of it and check out some new potential trendy dresses.

This was pretty much the usual way wardrobe clear outs worked right? Well, this is where the timeless essence behind seasonless comes into the equation more so in these recent times. The message behind a garment and its purpose is becoming clearer to consumers and their lifestyles these days. It’s often considered before we buy how many outfits we can wear it across and how timeless is this garment. We are noticing and appreciating the minor details that bring a neat finish and the comfort we desire. And this is where h.huna come in, designed for you to find a life lasting garment you can style to suit you, to be worn during those nippy commutes or a balmy stroll, to offer breathability in natural fibres and mini details to add a unique, professional finish to name but a few.

Garments are bought for a purpose and their value to be blended together across the seasons and the decades. To give you an idea of h.huna’s seasonless focus, we’ve collated our inspiration moodboards behind each garment with the below key values:  

i) Shape — can you wear this shape across several styles and will you still wear this shape 5+ years from now?

ii) Colour — what are the prime wardrobe colours you consider of importance that you can combine together and that will still be relevant in future seasons?

iii) Fabric — what does the fabric offer to the garment shape regarding texture, comfort, longevity and breath-ability, and how will the various fibres cooperate when worn together?

iiii) Manufacture - how to manufacture the garment with timeless-ness and comfort whilst ensuring each style proves to be durable for our customer and everyday wearing?

Now that’s quite a lot to soak up in one hit. You may or may not be fazed by the seasonless aspect of our garments, the quality may be more your priority (which can we add, we like to tick this box too!). However to keep to our commitment of our longevity promise, we like to  keep our collections small only having limited units per style to reflect on the uniqueness you will treasure and store in your wardrobe for years to come. How about another browse to see if you view our garments in a different light?