How h.huna began

The inspiration and story behind the brand

Established in 2019, h.huna’s inspiration stems from another time, a time when clothing was made for a purpose and attention to detail was the norm. I (aka Siobhan, the face behind h.huna), was inspired by my Grandmother’s mindset stemming back to when she made my communion dress in the 90s, how her wardrobe contents existed of clothing from the 50s and 60s that she had made with her own hands or had been passed on from one of her sisters. Only then did I start to see the talent that goes into structuring clothing, yet throughout my 10 year career working across buying and production within the fast fashion world this was never revealed. Speedy turnaround at cheap prices to hit key season trends were the focal points and attention to detail to honour what women want to feel good in was no more.

I decided to take a side step to create a capsule collection for women who treasure craftsmanship, impeccable detail, and prefer to own things for life. And wishing to represent the talent of the manufacturers close to home, h.huna started the ball rolling by working primarily with UK and Scottish factories. A slow process that involved several trips and multiple cups of tea in which good relationships were built and beautiful garments were created.

Each piece is designed with a visible story to capture the timeless simplicity with a contemporary edge, be it a high rise waist with a masculine twist inspired Marlene Dietrich, a seam free knit to create comfort and lessen yarn waste or a deadstock fabric to minimise landfill. h.huna strives to bring an awakening to slow fashion and faith in a garment's purpose to help you to identify with your individual character and to be at one with your wardrobe pieces.