Why should we invest in classic wardrobe essentials?

When you hear the word ‘classic’ what comes to mind? There may be the likelihood it comes across a tad ‘mature’, something associated with the older generation. You may have seen from our previous blogs, I do love a Google search engine result so on this occasion upon seeking the definition to the word ‘classic’ the below comes up:

1. ‘…judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind. Of a simple elegant style not greatly subject to changes in fashion’

2. ‘…a work of art of recognised and established value. A garment of a simple, elegant and long lasting style’ 

A lot goes behind both the definition and the interpretation of a word and on this occasion bypassing the common association (and potential stereotype) to ‘classic’, let’s look more into what a garment offers, the functionality of the piece across your existent wardrobe staples, where it is from and the longevity it offers as a fashion staple that just keeps on looking right.

As you may recall from how do you discover your style, there never really is a time when we can pinpoint when you decide you know your classic staple pieces and what suits you, but you can look to start to appreciate the value of each garment you own, in turn be willing to spend that bit extra and as a result get that pure pleasure each time you wear it.

So as we look to the end of 2020, recovery from lockdown, raising our heads to the surface again to try to come back to some kind of normality, let’s review those ‘classic’ pieces we own. Even replacing the term with ‘simple’ or ‘functional’ to bring about the encouragement to build of what has already started to brew regarding our faith in fashion. To enhance the slow-ness to each product’s lifeline and actually start to rely on each piece more and more.

To give you a little insight into the views of ‘classic’ fashion between a slow fashion enthusiast (aka me!), a vintage fashion pro and an interior/fashion designer/sustainable market curator (all rolled into one!), tune into the below intriguing and thought provoking chat on just this topic.