Our brand values


Our brand values

And why seasonal fashion is in our past

Made up of 7 building block timeless pieces, we designed our first collection with the intent to mix and match to enable you, our customer, to outfit assemble to create 10+ looks suitable to your style. Each garment was designed factoring in the following values:  

i) Shape — can you wear this shape across several styles and will you still wear this shape 5+ years from now?

ii) Colour — what are the prime wardrobe colours you consider of importance that you can combine together and that will still be relevant in future seasons?

iii) Fabric — what does the fabric offer to the garment shape regarding texture, comfort, longevity and breath-ability, and how will the various fibres cooperate when worn together?

iiii) Manufacture - how to manufacture the garment with timeless-ness and comfort whilst ensuring each style proves to be durable for our customer and everyday wearing?

Here is a preview of how each of these values are portrayed across our first collection:



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