An influencer’s style: Style in the Stix


An influencer’s style: Style in the Stix

Why sustainable fashion matters to influencers, Nikki and Penny

Following the wonderful post we recently saw of both Penny and Nikki in our h.huna trousers, we thought it only right to really delve into identifying their style and what matters to them.

1. What was the reason behind the creation of your blog?

Nikki and I met each other a few years ago when we both had young children. We hit it off straight away having both lived in London for most of our adult lives and our mutual love of fashion and clothes. We also felt that having a young family and moving to the sticks had impacted our daily style (and not in a positive way!). And Style in the Stix was born to give us a creative outlet beyond children and to provide inspiration for ourselves and others.

2. How would you describe your style?

I asked Nikki for help here, she describes my style as the three C’s – Classic, Chic, Casual.

3. What is your favourite podcast?

So it’s not fashion related, after family encouraged me to listen I am now a huge fan of Chris Evans breakfast show. He has a big focus on wellbeing – body and mind and has some great guests.

4. What is important to you when purchasing a garment?

Longevity, will it still be in my wardrobe and will I be still wearing it in 5 years’ time.

5. What do you see as a key wardrobe necessity?

Nikki would say my vest! Difficult to give you one, can I go with good fitting denims, versatile cardigan and long line camel coat.

6. What is the longest standing garment in your wardrobe and what is the story behind it?

Leather biker, never goes out and well looked after. It was a gift from my sister in law, she has a good eye and amazing at buying presents!

7. What do you expect from brands you purchase from?

If buying new I look for sustainable brands. Also good quality as hoping it will still be in my wardrobe in years to come. And I like things that have a point of difference.

8. Are you a brand browser or a brand committer?

    • If a brand browser, what draws you in to each brand and what may encourage your dedication to a brand?
    • If a brand committer, what do you expect that brand to provide to be entitled to your dedication?

    I can be both browser and committer, as I love finding new brands but if I find a brand that I love I will return each season. Clothing style, quality and commitment to the environment are my expectations in a brand. 

    9. How often do you shop?

    My shopping habits have changed dramatically in the last year. I now buy more second hand clothing and would say I buy new no more than once every two months.

    10. What would you like to see change/develop within the next five years within the fashion market?

    A dramatic change to the fast fashion culture and to see some clear sustainability commitments and implementation from the big fashion brands.

    11. If you could create your wardrobe staple piece what would it be?

    For me it would be something I can never find, an everyday summer dress.

    12. What would be your h.huna pick from our first capsule collection?

    Boyfriend cardigan.

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