What we have achieved since our launch


What we have achieved since our launch

And what’s coming next for our capsule collection

So we are broaching 2020…how fast did the 10’s go?? 2019 was the year h.huna actually launched after such a long time in development and it sure has been a learning curve!

We’ve built a wonderful audience, really defining the h.huna woman, exhibited at our first sustainable focussed market, learnt A LOT when sourcing fabrics on how much wastage can occur in the production of each roll (don’t even mention denim!), all of which we truly feel has 100% set us up for an amazing 2020!

Let's meet up

Our main focus for the forthcoming year will be to give you the opportunity to actually see and feel the quality of our garments, try the products on and style to your desire. To enable us to physically meet with you and vice versa in order to engage with our wonderful customers so pop up shops and markets are very much in the pipeline. Stay tuned to add key dates to your calendars!

Tell us your style

We also really want to gain your feedback on each piece you buy from our collection to reflect upon in the forthcoming designs, so we are exclusively planning to select a lucky few ladies to join the #hhunawomen crew. As a thank you for involving us in your style stories by posting a selfie whilst wearing your h.huna purchase, we will be sending a thank you gift for going to the effort. Be sure to watch out for further updates in the Spring.

Seasonal collections? No, thanks!

Keeping away from seasonal collection launches will remain h.huna’s key focus, working only on garments designed to last with quality as the focal point. So mix and match, wear in accordance with your style, combine with your existing wardrobe contents or simply treasure the quality of your purchase, rest assured your h.huna asset will stay with you year after year coordinating with your lifestyle and bypassing fast fashion.

So in a nutshell, quite a few things planned for this new and exciting year…the question is are you #hhunawomen looking forward to taking part? Make sure you sign up and follow us to see our latest updates.

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