How to lengthen our garments’ lifetime


How to lengthen our garments’ lifetime

Our hacks for making your clothes last longer

Okay, pre-warning...this page is quite a long one but trying to keep the below traditional hacks to the point in offering some top tips for caring for our clothes in the kindest way possible (aka no bleach required). Read at your leisure or alternatively as and when you need some advice.

 Button sewing

There is always that annoying button loosening at the most inconvenient moment, when we don’t have our needle and thread to hand! There are many ways of stitching a button but as long as you have a needle, thread in similar colour to the garment/button and a straight pin to keep between the button and the garment in order to prevent the button being stitched too tight, you’re good to go. We always recommend repeating the sewing process enough times to ensure sturdiness in the button attachment and do advise to secure even further by removing the straight pin and wrap the yarn 3-4 times beneath the button around the threads, then pulling the needle through the material to the back of the fabric, to make a few stitches, cutting off excess thread.

Stain removal

If not optional to treat straight away by running under water, then either dampen the stain with cold water and rub half a lemon over the area, rinse, dry and repeat if necessary. Or alternatively, you could always follow the above process by dampening the area and then mixing up a baking soda paste of water and a few teaspoons of baking soda, rubbing into the stained area and leave for a few hours.

Wool Care

Very often woollen garments can be left to air due to the natural fibres and the loose tension in the yarn. It is known that woollen garments can have a tendency to ‘shrink’ when washed, this is basically the case of the fibres clinging together tightly more and more from each wash the garment is put through. Should washing be required it is best to use a mesh washbag to prevent collision with other garments in the machine and either hand wash gently in cold water or a woollen wash in the machine.

Dry cleaning

Some of our styles may have the dry clean only care instruction or you may choose to take them to the dry-cleaners, however do try to request for the ‘hand laundering’ service, if available as this will help to preserve the natural fabrics which can suffer from repeated exposure to harsh chemical treatments involved in ‘normal’ dry cleaning.

Washing our garments

Wear twice, wash once is our policy and unless you are facing some stubborn stains, adjusting your cycle to a 30 degree wash is just as good plus energy saving rather than the average 40 degree wash. Also, always try to load the machine full to the brim to lessen the water usage per wash. And we do also recommend to undo buttons on Shirts before washing to lessen the strain on the thread holding the buttons in place (see Button Sewing should you face a loose button).

Cleaning your Whites

We do face the grey-ing potential across the lifetime of our white garments which is why soaking them overnight in a bowl of pre-boiled warm water mixed with lemon juice (from approx. two lemons) will whiten your garments.

Brightening the Colours

Alongside keeping the temperature in our washes down to 30 degrees and wearing at least twice, keeping your garments inside out lessens loss of fibres externally when garments collide during the wash. Leaving our colours in a bowl of cold water and a quarter cup of salt overnight and then washing alongside all other colour garments, is also great for lengthening the colour fastness in our garments.


Think we will leave it there but it would be great to hear any other tips you may have tried and tested and can recommend we add to our list of natural tips on lengthening our garments lifetime.

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