How our capsule collection was designed


How our capsule collection was designed

Take a look at how our collection went from design to final product

So we are pretty much there with the completion of our first collection (imagine an excited face right now!). It’s pretty amazing the detail involved in creating a mini capsule collection and the expertise involved from start to finish which is why we like to tell the story behind the stemming of each garment at h.huna in order to reflect on the workmanship and passion of creating these garments.

As you will have seen from our last blog post about our capsule collection values, we like to consider four values when designing each piece in order to ensure each style created has a purpose in our wardrobes, whether it be to layer with existing garments or a new purchase in replacement for a well-worn style we’ve owned for years.

We aim to portray the longevity potential in each garment, not the fashion focus and we like to involve you guys in along the journey so thought a mini cast back to where our first collection all started would be a perfect reminder of the ride so far. However, as we couldn’t squeeze in the pattern cutting, toile sampling and fitting, fabric sourcing and testing, photo shoot, prototype developments etc. (quite a list!) thought it best to start from design to the finished garment.

Still intrigued? Why not check out our collection in more detail...

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