Sustainable Fashion: How Will It Change In The Next 10 Years?


Sustainable Fashion: How Will It Change In The Next 10 Years?

Rented fashion and no more fashion week?

How are those 2020 vibes treating you? As we move into the new decade, the awareness of the damage fast fashion has inflicted on so many lives, locations and species has slowly started to take effect (cue a salute to Greta Thunberg!). This has taken place across an array of platforms such as slow fashion brands, swap shops, vintage fashion apps on our phones, to name a few. Let's narrow down some of the key areas we’ve already seen pop up that may hold some promising potential to grow over the next ten years:

Rental of 'that' Stella McCartney??

There is quite a growing audience for the expansion of renting our garments for those one off events. With the opportunity to wear a designer piece, but at a more affordable piece, we could see high end designers becoming household names. Gucci to the next work do anyone?

The new take on Black Friday

So we all know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday but will this be overtaken by Green Friday? Growing ethical brands are introducing their own alternative to the price drop mayhem. Such as Everlane focusing on their Black Friday Funds, Allbirds closing up shop in London to host free workshops and live music, and the Green Friday Festival in London focusing on promoting alternatives to fast fashion.

Goodbye non-necessary fashion week

More design houses are starting to take on board the components of each of their produce and pride themselves on the organic, recycled essence of each piece. The topic now lies on more designers starting to follow suit and if so, will this be across a few styles or all garments for each collection? The whole aspect of the non-necessary additional seasonal collections such as high summer and holiday seasons may also come to an end.

Will Number 10 open its door?

Here's Mary Creagh MP delivering her report on the damage fast fashion is having. Should she continue to bring this up in parliament there could be a possible government interaction with fast fashion brands insisting on due diligence checks across their supply chains and tax reviews on sustainable fibres used in garments. There is only hope this is close on the horizon. You can read her powerful report on Fixing Fashion here.

    Support SME's and go local!

    More and more pop up markets are starting to bring limelight to mini fashion and lifestyle brands who pride themselves on timeless, quality garments made with such wonderful stories and talented workmanship. To bring more focus to us brands could hopefully encourage faith and commitment in our garment’s lifeline. Joining the Hackney Made Collective has been a wonderful opportunity to engage with our customers and understand their requirements. We're exhibiting until end of March so pop down if you're near!

      Will the time come that fast fashion will fade?

      We have to review what draws us in to shopping on impulse, whether it be those tempting emails we receive screaming 25% discount, those influencers in new garments on every post living the lifestyle we can only dream of, or simply because we are still yet to find our own niche style (check out our previous post on how we discover our style).

      Whatever the reason, we can all start to shop sustainably in our everyday lives by making minor adjustments, whether it be not putting each piece of fruit into a plastic bag at the supermarket, mending that rip in the crotch of our jeans (YouTube anyone?!) or actually bypassing that temptation to impulse buy that dress online – will you wear it across another potential three to four styles?

      How about we come back to this post in a year’s time and reflect on how we have adjusted and what we have done differently? Pop it in your calendar February 2021…the change is intriguing!

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